"incomplete State" Mail Reminder To Customers


My customer is asking for configuring the system to send email reminder to customer who left the site with products filled in the cart.


I have read the above guide and found that that state is considered as incomplete state and not stored in DB.

My client is interested to send mail only for registered customers.

Is there any automated way to achieve it .

Let me know guys

Abandoned / Live carts under marketing have those detail

is there any way of trigger a mail or so automatically after 10 min or so.

This way we can catch more leads to the site.

Here's a previous discussion on this:


And here's an article that suggests one way to do it:

How to setup an abandoned cart email/auto-responder in CS-Cart. - Knowledgebase - Granite Web

And here:

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And here's a mod from Alt-Team:

CS-Cart “Abandoned Cart E-mail Reminder” modification

Google is your friend.

hi @kingsleypress

Thanks for the link and informations.

All thing just narrow down to send a plain mail. I want to send the product link automatically in mail in for of cart look in that mail.