Including VAT(TAX) in the Data Feed to Google


I've tried to search through the existing forum but cannot find anything similar.

We are based in the UK and we sell to businesses mainly so advertise prices exlcuding and including VAT (TAX). Our data feed to Google only uploads the pre-tax figure and Google need the tax inclusive figure.

Anyone got a fix that would work in 2.2.4 ?




I'm not sure how to solve your exact problem, but the taxes can be set in the Google Base settings inside of Google Base. That is also where you set your shipping settings.

It might not be the exact solution, but hopefully it will help.



ideally you would need to input ALL prices inclusive of VAT, select prices include VAT in Tax setting. Unfortunately Taxes at the moment for google merchant are only for US from what I understand. You could then get SEONID EU Commerce addon to deduct VAT for non EU countries you sell to or businesses.

I run an excel formula to make my prices incl. vat and upload the csv by hand afterwards.