{include file="views/products/view.tpl"} is not contain tab block

Hi there,

I almost done for my deal of day function. However, I would like to display full product describe on index page.

I am trying to modify and it getting looks what I want to look. However, as the like follow at www.thatsocool.co.nz, there is no tab pages on product page and can’t click zoom image.

I add code like

{include file=“views/products/view.tpl”} in my purchased mod from webgraphiq.

My code is

[QUOTE]{* $Id: central.tpl 2010-03-24 webgraphiq $ }

* block-description:wg_dotd **}

{foreach from=$select_c item=“prod_id” name=“select”}


$prod_id = $this->get_template_vars(‘prod_id’);

$prom_id = str_replace(‘products=’, ‘’, $prod_id);

$id_ = $prom_id[‘conditions_hash’];

$products = db_get_array(“SELECT * FROM ?:products, ?:product_descriptions, ?:product_prices

WHERE ?:products.product_id=?:product_descriptions.product_id

AND ?:products.product_id=?:product_prices.product_id

AND status=‘A’

AND lang_code = ?s

AND ?:products.product_id IN ($id_)”,


foreach ($products as $k1 => $v1) {

fn_gather_additional_product_data($products[$k1], true, false, true, true, true);


$this->assign(‘products’, $products);


{foreach from=$products item=product name=“products”}

{assign var=“obj_id” value=“$obj_prefix``$product.product_id”}

{assign var=“obj_id_prefix” value=“$obj_prefix``$product.product_id”}

{if $addons.wg_dotd.counter == ‘Y’}{$lang.wg_dotd_time}


{include file=“views/products/view.tpl”}

{if !$smarty.foreach.products.last}



{if !$smarty.foreach.select.last}


{if $addons.wg_dotd.description == ‘Y’}

{if $product.short_description}








I want display the page like [URL=“http://thatsocool.co.nz/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=29785”]http://thatsocool.co.nz/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=29785[/URL] into index page, main tpl.

Does anyone can help me out.

Many thanks,