Inaccurate Documentation For Adding New Payment Method


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Asks you to put the customer facing template in the ./design/backend.... folder. This is not right, it should be in the theme folder. Unless there is something funky with my cscart install. Its not until I put it in the folder ./design/themes/theme_name/templates/views/orders/components/payments that it shows on checkout.

Which I guess then means you need to create a layout for your processor for each theme type you have...

Am I reading this correctly? I am really being guided by what doesn't generate an error at the moment :)


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If you're looking for information on how to develop a new payment method for version 4.3.x, please check out this article from CS-Cart Documentation. That is the most up-to-date article we have.

The article you mentioned is from the Knowledge Base. As far as I can see, the Knowledge Base contains only the versions of the article for 4.0.x and earlier. We haven't been adding new articles to the Knowledge Base for quite a while, focusing our efforts on the new CS-Cart Documentation. We only change the existing Knowledge Base articles if we find an error that makes an article inapplicable for the version it is meant for.

Thank you for bringing this up, we'll fix the Knowledge Base article. However, I would still advise using the new article, if possible. Feel free to leave a comment as well, it would help us to improve our documentation.

Quick answer to your question is that yes, customer components need to be in the design/themes tree. But to put them there you need to add it to the var/themes_respository/responsive directory. Then when you install your addon it will be applied to all installed themes.

If you're not doing this as an addon, then yes, you will need to manually put your template code in all themes that you want it visible in.

Please read the article mentioned above as it relates to creating new payment methods as an addon rather than having to put things in core-files directories.