In stock text of product description

I was wonder about something, hope someone has the answer.

I am in the process of starting a new site and will be buying a cart. I have been checking out CS cart, but I have a question.

I plan on selling products that I will be stocking, as well as items shipped direct from the manufacturer, and special order item.

I have noticed some website carts (brands unknown) that have different text statements in the descriptions, such as the list below:

“In stock, usually ships in 3 to 4 days” - for stock items.

“Shipped from factory, additional delivery time required” - for items drop shipped

“Special order, additional delivery time required” - for items I order in and then reship

The above are examples that I would like to have in the description, where the “In Stock” displays in the demo cart. I do not want to do it with a tab, because people never look there.

It would have to be something that could be set with each item., as the item was added.

Is something like this possible? Or already built in?

I appreciate any help. I am trying to find a cart that I can use, and CS-Cart looks like it very close to what I want.