In-Site processor BUG - PayPal Pro / HSBC / others

Hi guys

Why Oh Why does a product that has been on the market for so long, is not cheap and has had so many upgrades and fixes over the years is still failing at probably the most important stage - PAYING FOR AN ORDER!

I am on CS-Cart 3 (March 2013) and am really fed up with a BUG I have discovered.

I am using PayPal gateway (basic) which works ok.

I now need to use PayPal Pro (a more professional way to pay in-site) which is an In-Site processor system, and it uses the CS-Cart form to the Checkout for card details (CC.TPL(.

The site is still in HTTP at this point. Then after a client inputs their card details it goes (behind the webpage) to PayPal Pro and processes the payment. The certificate supplied to me by PayPal ensures my website is legitimate to process that order, thus avoids the HTTPS issue.

I am assuming this all was working for you guys in version 2 right? Because it doesn't work in my version 3.

The form on the CS-Cart Checkout payment shows a card type field WHICH DOES NOT WORK AND IS UNSELECTABLE!

Obviously everything beyond this point goes wrong and shows an error (input card type).

I notice in the Demo of version 4, this form has changed and dropped the card type field, only having NAME



Can someone please help me. I want to know if there is a bit of code I can add to the CC.TPL or do I need to upgrade to version 4, and I assume vertion 4 works with PayPal Pro right?

This will be more work for me to fix a VERY BASIC REQUIREMENT - I.E. FIT FOR PURPOSE SOFTWARE!

I think I have worked out why there is an issue.

First I have to add a Card Type in Admin, then set up the PayPal Pro module.

Hmm, it might have helped if CS-Cart team had a workflow to show that step in the Knowledge base. It would have saved me a lot of timeā€¦

Here hoping it works now. I'll post back once I get the new account live.