In need of some kind of tutorial to set up shipping + localization + checkout

Hi CS-Cart community, I’m new to the software, and I have recently purchased it. So far, it’s been pretty impressive, but I am in need of a tutorial to set up the entire process of payment gateways, localization, check out, credit cards, etc.

Basically, whatever is supposed to happen AFTER the product enters the cart. I’ve been wrestling with this for days, and documentation online is pretty sparse. Support has been unhelpful so far.

Can anyone in the community kindly guide me in the right direction to set this up?

Basically, I am looking for functionality that will enable me to use credit cards, paypal, sales to US-Canada only, and a flat-rate of $25 shipping per product. This is my first time working with e-commerce from the bottom up, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.



First port of call…

Thanks, BarryH

Flat rate shipping is the easiest to set up. Post again if you need any help

@Kogi - Could you please provide guidance on Flat Rate shipping?

I have a store with multiple products of different volumes, wanted to have CS Cart use a “cascading” algorithm for flat rate box determination.

That is, depending on the dimensions of all products in the cart, the proper flat rate box(es) is chosen for shipping.

I know this might be too complicated for this thread, was wondering if you had any ideas off the top though.