In Multivendor, Restrict Buyers To Add Products From A Single Category Or Vendor


I am working on creating a multi-vendor marketplace and wanted to know if there is any setting that can allow me to restrict the user to add products to the cart only from a single vendor or a single category.

My requirement in detail:

In my marketplace, each vendor or product category will restrict it's shipping and payments options,

For example

1. Laptops will be shipped only thru Fedex and payment can be made only through bank transfers.

2. Fashion items will be shipped only through USPS and payment will only be COD.

3. Sports goods can be shipped using any option and paid using any option.

Basically, currently in cs-cart multi-vendor we can set the option to choose the shipping type for each product in the cart, I want to also have the option to choose the payment type for each product in the cart. I completely understand why such an option if not provided, since it will add complexity when some products require to be paid by credit card and some COD.

So as a workaround in my particular case, if I can restrict the addition of products to the cart from a single vendor or product category then that would also suffice my requirement, as payment and shipping option will remain same for a vendor or category.

Please help!