In Cscart , any addon or functionality like progressive pricing or Pricing Slab


In cscart, any functionality or addon that configure price as multiple conditions based on dates.
Base price 150

  1. from1 - to date1 → product price will be set as 180
  2. from2 - to date2 → product price will be set as 120
  3. from3 - to date3 → product price will be set as 100
    after that conditional satisfied the price will be 150

Or, If any hook or function can be used to achieve this kind of scenario?

Does this need an add-on?
I think you can create multiple promotions, set dates, and set absolute prices.


thanks for the reply.

In promotions, I cannot find absolute price option.
Please Could you guide me through the process?


here fixed amount


Thanks for the reply,

when i set absolute price for product and it is return as zero.
if product price is 100 when set a price fixed amount as 110 .
the product price returning as zero
how to resolve this issue?

It appears that it will not be possible to set a price higher than the base price using promotions.
To solve this, set the base price to 180 and
day1 150
day2 120
day3 100
and after 180
try this


Thanks for your reply.

as mentioned , it is not working so used custom code to match requirement.


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