Importing Users And Their Passwords From Another Cart.

I am importing all my users and their information such as address's and passwords from another shopping cart. (not cs cart)

My question is…how is the password salt field generated. If I import their current password, then will the cart automatically generate the salt field?

I see that salt is one of the fields available to import. But Im not really sure how that will work.

Anybody attempt this? Thanks

You shouldn't be able to read an unencrypted password. The fuel assumption is that the encrypting methods are the same. Probably not a good assumption. Suggest you just set the passwords all the same and then set the “force user to change password” on next login. You will have to email them the initial password.

Excellent solution! Thanks for the advise.

Hello. How do you force a user to change password? Is there a specific option? I saw a different thread about some piece of code that was supposed to do this. Is there any other way around this?