importing subscriber e-mails via CSV


Can anyone provide information on how to how to format a csv file showing e-mails only? Thanks. I don't have any developper/database experience. eg should the email appear in a certain column and is there any other information required.

Do you need import or export mails?

If you want to see all emails in csv format, you must create a new exporter file.

with php

touch export.php

edit it ;

$q=mysql_query("select * from cscart_subscribers");
while($qr=mysql_fetch_assoc($q)) {
echo $qr['email'].";";

like this. I think you need to fetch mails to mailing your customers. Also you can use phpmyadmin and export that cscart_subscribers tables with an output format csv.


I need to import. Unfortunately as I don't have a computer background, the above is a bit beyond me. I understand a CSV file to be a simple excel spreadsheet where the email address is in a specific column where import is allowed. I do imports at work onto accounting software (SAGE) using CSV and I would have thought that this was the same but perhaps in a different format. Thanks.

I think there is no import tool in cs-cart for subscriber table. if you send a sample file, i can create a php file for you to attach all that e-mails to subscriber table.

or you can do this with excell. make an formulas like attachment.

E is an column where e-mail exists and for the first line i used E2. And clone that lines.

After that copy all of that insert lines and paste to phpmyadmin's SQL page.


I don't use the newsletter add on anymore and have opted for Groupmail.

Anyhoot I highlighted my customer details page and just pasted it to

an empty area of an Open Office spread sheet ( so I guess any spreadsheet will do ).

From there you can play with it by deleting the columns you don't need.

Hope this helps.

****oopps !! ****

I guess you are trying to put an external list INTO your CS-Cart.

Sorry can't help.


It will depend on which version you are using, but in 4.0.3 it is quite simple to do this.

If you go to Administrator / export data / subscribers and do an export of the CSV with whatever delimited you want to use.

You can them use excel to open this. enter your email addresses and then save it as a CSV file. With whatever delimited you want.

Then just go to Administrator / import data / subscribers and import the file.

Just make sure you pick the delimited you used.

Some field are required email : mailing list: language:

It might be best for you to add at least one subscriber to the mailing list before export you can then auto fill the entry's to do the import.