Importing Products with Categories

I am trying to import my products, but some of them are located in more than one category. I can only import a product with one category as the default, and then go back into the cart and add additional categories. Is there a way that I can import the products with multiple categories?

Also, is there a way to not have a default category assigned to a product? I am asking this because if you click on a product that is located in a category that is not it's default category, then the bread crumb at the top will not match the user's path. I want to have the bread crumb match the user's path. Thanks.

you should have a column in your import .csv headed Secondary categories

seperator///cat1///cat2///cat3 etc


Thanks John, I just noticed that. Is there a way to not have a default category so I can solve the bread crumb issue I am having? Thanks.

I have found if you try to import a product with no category it sticks it in a default cat called product. bit of a pain on a stock list where you dont have all the products listed on the sheet but its easy enough to disable them so they don't show on the store.

Or hide/disable that category