Importing product options

I can use some help figuring out a way to import products that have the following:

A global option with variants (2) in my case, with modifiers and option combinations (2)again.

I use the option combinations to have different stock numbers for my options.

Pulling my hair out to figure out how to do this.

Any help is sure appreciated. you will be greatly rewarded (in the after life of course).

Just kidding.

Willing to pay for importing assistance. btway version 2.2.2


option modification import is not possible as std.

There is a mod on here that I had done but is for 2.1.4 and would need checking if compatible.

I think it was posted as option comb or whatever.


Thanks John,

Your contibution is very much appreciated.

After transfering the imex addon folder to the root, the addon is not visible in the addon section of my admin,

what am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help

did you try this one ?

Addon folders are usually added to the addon folder in the root but…

[quote name='johnbol1' timestamp='1318539304' post='123654']

did you try this one ?


Thanks for the reply, actually this is another usefull addon but

the on I was refering to was is the AT LAST, option modifiers import - Configuration - CS-Cart Community Forums

option modifiers import addon. I did add it to the addon directory. not sure if I need to do anything else.


Sorry I was mile sout when I replied to the thread , I was sending you the completely wrong mod.

Any way, the import one is as the link says for 2.1.2 etc. This will not work on the new versions 2.— without some modification.