Importing or fixing quantity discounts in bulk

I just migrated my ISC cart to CS-Cart using the cart2cart tool and it worked pretty well except for one thing - it imported the quantity price breaks correctly but not the prices themselves. I have 4 breaks and they all came in as $0.00.

Doing this manually would be a huge pain so I was wondering if anyone has had any luck importing bulk or quantity discounts using some kind of automated method?

it also didn’t import the correct prices for the past orders where quantity discounts were used. The totals were right but it shows the base price. It would be really nice if I could fix the quantity discounts and have it fix the imported orders also but that’s probably asking too much.

I do have a .csv file of all my products exported from ISC. I am sure the Cart2Cart people would help but I want to go live this weekend since it’s a holiday and business will be slow.

However, all things considered the migration worked surprisingly well.

Thanks in advance. I am really close to rolling out the site!

It is possible to import qty discounts. i suggest you manually do one product in admin /catalog/products, with whatever discounts you require then, select the tickbox next to that product. Then chosse the dropdown arrow “choose action” then export that one product. When the export window opens choose qty discounts.Export it as comma seprated and open in exel or whatever.

This will let you see how to bring the rest back in if you copy the same format.


That’s a great idea! Unfortunately, while CS-Cart does export the discounts, ISC doesn’t. I am sure it’s someplace in the database but I don’t have the skills to get at it. I am sure the products all need to be cleaned up manually anyway, so I will probably end up editing it myself.

Although, the cart migration vendor said they’d migrate it again, but by the time they got back to me it was already very late their time.

Thanks for the great idea though. In the future it will very easy to make bulk price updates which is nice.