CS Cart has removed Feature from the new software making it difficult to import Brand for products. I have brands in my store but even when i chose this in my download to see how it's done, no brand names are exported only options for size and colour, does anyone know the format to import brand in the file? Use to be this: Brand: E[Johnson & Johnson] but no longer working even in the advance import selection for Options in the field mapping.

They haven't removed it yet. It's just been marked to be removed so it should still work.

{1}Brand: E[Johnson & Johnson]

Note: {1} is the feature id.

In the advanced import it should be:

Johnson & Johnson

Still can't get it to work, after import it creates tons of variants like this: Brand: E[Cellex-C] so i am not sure what exactly i should put in the file so it looks like your results because after i map the fields it comes out like that before import. Unless you are saying the [ ] should not be in the file?

Which one are you using? Deprecated or advanced?

In my previous example, the first one is for deprecated and the second one is for advanced. Features and Brand represent the field name.