Import the database to another instal of CS Cart


I need to export the DB from one install of CS Cart and import it all to another. Both DBs and CS Cart are 2.1.4 versions.

How is this done?

I really want to import the text of the products and languages. However, the original install has got Trojan! So I want to avoid an infection spreading.

My thoughts are:

On new server (clean) install completely new CS Cart 2.1.4.

Then export the old DB from the virus infected CS Cart on the old server to my Mac as a MySQL file. Scan for virus. If ok, import into new instal on the new server. Then copy only the product photo folders onto the new instal (scan for virus first).

Will this work, so the DB will find the text and photos together, and the pages will load ok? I am not bothered about other data, old orders, etc, only getting the 500 products back in the new install.

The install is bog standard, no tricks or template changes.

sure, just use phpMyAdmin or other DB manager like NaviCat and Export your current DB in SQL format.


Thanks for the reply. If I use the old DB, export that, then import back into the new hosting service, what folders will I need as well in the web structure.

I only want the text of the products, and the product photos. If I copy only the images folder, so all the thumbs and detail photos, would the DB find those ok, and the web page still display the text and images together on the page.

Text of the products is in the DB and all your images should be under your images folder.