Import Products For Stores In Different Languages In One Csv


I was trying to import one CSV with the products for the several stores in different languages (All stores were chosen).

Of course the Stores with corresponding languages are created beforehand.

For example

Store1 ProductA Language - en

Store2 ProductB Language - en

Store3 ProductC LAnguage - en

Store4 ProductD Language - fr

Store5 ProductF Language - de

Unfortunately only the products for the first language are imported (Means only the products for the first 3 Stores). Store4 and Store5 are ignored.

Someone have the same issue?

Looks like a bug. Post it to the bug tracker

Posted in bug tracker.

Problem solved.

Language field is not really supported for import (only first language is imported = bug). If you try to import language field with several languages, the import result is incorrect = bug

Just assign the needed language to the store and import everything under "All stores" without Language field.