Import Orders With Downloadable Products


We are moving our store from the old Cs-cart version to the new one. We have a lot of downloadable products and there is a problem during customer Orders import. Everything goes fine except that Orders downloads are not active after import (via Order items import). There is a text 'This file doesn't have a download key'. The table cscart_product_file_ekeys is empty and no keys are created. Should we do the import of these keys manually via the database or there is another solution?

It's not recommended to use the regular import/export to upgrade because id's of products, customers, orders, etc. are not included which will mess of the correlation between them.

You need to either use the Store Import Addon or if you know the database very well, you can manually upgrade.


Yes there was a lot of manual work to make everything correlated: Old Id's -> New Id's. Just finished with keys via database, didn't find any other solution. Everything is similar to the old store, but it was not so easy...