Import Function Not Work For Email Templates

Hi guys,

I tried to export email templates and it work correctly, but when I tried to import, after I choose file from the Local, nothing happen and it freeze (please see the image for result when I selected XML file).

Have anybody face same problem as me? If someone know how to solve this please help me.

Thank you very much.

import email templates.JPG

Looks like you may have selected a JPG file instead of an XML file for import.

No, you might misunderstood due to attached image file name. But I was select the XML file that exported earlier for sure.
(Attached image shown what happen to my cs-cart when I selected local XML)

Did you try to import it on the demo store?

Hi eComLabs,

Thank you for your comment, I did it on my local dev server and test server on EC2 but they were the same.

In this case I suggest you to post issue to the bug tracker