import from x-cart to cs-cart

Hello !!

i am trying to import from x-cart to cs-cart

i have exported users and products from x-cart into a csv file using semicolon as separator, but once in cs-cart import/export section and after fill all fields and hit import button, system says " error, the separator in the csv file is different from the one you selected."! i tried about 5 times and i am completely sure i am selectin semicolon separator…

do you know about this error:: '??? can i import all my xcart database ???

Did you choose a correct separator on import?

Also, some fields need to be enclosed in quotes, it is possible that missing quotes are the cause…

PLZ Post first 20 lines of the file.

[quote name=‘yohindel’]yes i am 100% sure i select the correct separator, i have exported using , coma, semicolon and tab, to see if one works but no luck,…

i am attaching the csv file[/QUOTE]

It is the file. It might require some field name adjustment, some row cleaning, and just generally making that data into a format CS-Cart expects. It has some encoded arrays which should be removed or exploded to single pieces.

So, it is not direct export->import data. It is export->modify->import type of a thing

can you tell me exactly what i need to do …?

thanks !!!

Go to the import screen, see how the expected fields are named. Go to wiki and read about CSV format standard. Look through your data where the expected info is, move it under the expected named field. You may need to code a script to acomplish it automatically while keeping CSV standard compliant. (you can keep “;” in place where comma use is suggested, does not matter, it is just a separator).

i will try it !

thanks !!


that is weird because the cs-cart says " the separator in the csv file is different from the one you choose "

and does not show any error due to the different field names or so …

Delete that file. It contains sensitive information.

The problem is you have some date in single cells that are using “;” to seperate them. You also need to edit the fields to what CSCart expects. Right now your header is [USERS]. Clean up the rows that are not pertinant and edit the fields and try it again.

x-cart is a great cart, why are you leaving it?