Import CVS file 2 colums


I wonder how the import works from a data file via CVS is working.

Suppose you have a complete date file imported and this works well(there is no problem on it).

Now should the price be adjusted here and there …

Now my problem is that I didn't/don't yet know what the import is going to do with:

  1. Having only ' Product code ' and ' Price ' in two columns to import?

    Will the remaining data will not be modified and just ' Price ' be change?

  2. If there is not a ' Product code ' already there … this is normal created … what happens now with two columns?

    I assume the import works with the ' Product code '.

    If this is not so can ' product code ' be replaced by ' Product name '.

    I think, this is even better… no product name is no update… or think i wrong?

  1. Correct

  2. Not sure I understand.

    The product code is what is used to identify what line in the data base needs to be updated.

2; the second product code will overwrite the first if identical


Thanks a lot for the respons.