Import Customers Timestamp / Registration Date

We are trying to import our old customers into 4.3.9

using the built in import

"E-mail";"User Type";"Status";"Password";"First name";"Last name";"Phone";"Registration date";"Shipping: first name";"Shipping: last name";"Shipping: address";"Shipping: city";"Shipping: zipcode";"Shipping: phone";"Store";"customers_id";"customers_info_id";"customers_id"
"email@YAHOO.COM";"C";"A";"3ea0c9b 63951d5789cc7:0e";"NAME";"NAMELAST";"000-000-0000";"1263970490";"NAME";"NAME";"67 S. ROAD AVE APT.8-W";"E. ORANGE";"00000";"000-000-0000";"1";"47";"47";"47"

however when the customer are imported the timestamp in the data base read the current time and date and is not importing in the users creation date.

this is very vital to us.

Any ideas why they are not being imported? i RTFM and cant find out any reason.

Also as a follow up the user_id is not being set either

It is required to debug the code. PM me temporary FTP access and our specialists will check it

ty we have gotten this issue corrected by using a the import as "dd/mm/yyyy 00:00:000"