import csv file into cs cart

I am trying to import a csv file of products into my cart, 2.06. I have read these forums and have followed a couple posts. My understanding is to create a product in the cart, then export it, and follow the fields contained in the exported file to create the header fields in my import file.

My question is this: When I open the exported file into my spreadsheet (I have opened it in both openoffice calc and excel), the exported header fields are contained in one cell each separated by a semicolon. All the fields are in cell A1.

I am just learning excel and can’t figure out why it does this. Can anyone give me a headsup on this issue? Any help greatly appreciated.

If you are using excel I can highly recommend you instal a freeware application called ASAP utilities. Google it. This adds lots of useful commands to excell (approx 100).

In this I use the import option and put in the " & ; in the import options (or whatever your fields are separated with.

may be a long round at first but all the extra time it will save you in the future will be worth the time spent installing it.