Impact of increasing database field length - SEO truncated


I am being out-competed in SEO keywords by competitor website.

Investigation shows the SEO keyword meta data field is limited to 256 characters and so some entries are truncated, meaning only a portion of the key-words I enter for products, pages etc are actually saved by cs-cart.

Can increasing the Database allowed length have any unitended impacts e.g. could it impact import/export of data, interfere with any future updates from cs-cart or in anyway corrupt any other functionality?

No, as far I know and be aware also by the google limitations for Title and description length

  • we created this simple length count

@hungryweb thankyou for confirming chainging the cs-cart database field length will not impact any cs-cart operations.

Also thankyou for the link which essentially saids, google might mess with your titles but make them any length you like.

The field that was giving me issues was the third one you don’t have a character count on. I gather the character count for the other two fields comes from one of your add-ons?

Google discontinued taking in considerations meta keywords since 2009 , please check here

and about the counting functionality so far is not available in any add-on, yet


@hungryweb well that is interesting!!! I have been wasting a lot of time then :frowning: So when semrush tells me I am down in the rankings for keywords it is drawing this data from the meta description and/or actual on page content?

None :slight_smile:

The data is coming from Google Search and means that your position for some specific keywords tracked is going down

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Even meta descriptions are not as highly rated as they used to be a few years ago. The best thing is on page content (description) and have meta description promoting that content.
Google will choose what to show anyway what it thinks is more relevant to users searches.
I have removed a lot of my meta descriptions from older products and seen an increase in ranking for some



Very interesting - thank you.

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