I have a gap or padding or something around this image images/top_menu_bg.gif and have searched all over to get it to appear without the white border (or whatever)

can anyone have a quick look and tell me how to remove the white on the top menu so I have a solid block behind the hoem page links etc.

link is below



I don't see any white border around the top menu,

but the left 1px white line, appears because the width in the .header-helper-container is set to 1000px, try 998px or 1002px.

the .top-tools-container has margen-top: 5px, that's the gap.

Thanks colortone, but I dont think I explained correctly I am trying to make this bg.gif run solid across instaed now it has a striped effect due to something I cant find. I changed the image 2 a 2px one but seems there is a 1 px boreder or padding or something which makes it look striped.




I thought you want this strip effect, because the image is made of two vertical gradients. Zoom in the image and you'll see.

yes I made the image a gradient but in between each repeat is a white gap so there must be another image or css gradient going on. I dont want this white gap.Doesnt matter whether i make the image 2px or 100px the white gap stays. but cant see padding or border anywhere.


top_menu_bg.gif is made of two vertical gradients.Take a closer look.


Hmmmmmm, when I create the vector it is fine, when I bring it back down from the site and import it to photoshop it shows like that??

Thanks I will check it out.