Images taking a lot of space


Is this normal for website having about 10000 products to take a 219 GB for images?


Hello, memel!

Not really. You can write to us on and we will investigate why the images take so much disk space. You can take a look at our Image Optimization add-on as well.

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Thank you for pointing out. I had an addon for image optimization disabled on my store and not in use. I have uninstalled this addon and the size dropped to 65GB.


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which addon, they are supposed to reduce your image size ? not increase

May be backup of images before optimization?

Try to use .webp format for the images, they take a lot less space and improve the website optimization score.

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Thank you guys for your responds. Yes, I am using now .webp images. Just learned lesson, if you don’t use addon, not just disable but uninstall. :slight_smile:

P.S. I wasn’t using these addon for 1-2 years that’s why I will not mention it not to make a wrong opinion on it. :slight_smile:

Hello, you can try our new image optimizer, thumbnail generator with auto-WebP converting feature, and CDN, which optimizes server disk space, and it optimizes page speed a lot with converting images and generates thumbnails to WebP (better that CS-Cart and without losing quality) on-a-fly; also it improves project performance.

It works like this

  • We take the original image (it always stays on your server to keep the solution fail-safe even at the CS-Cart level)
  • Upload it to the cloud, and the optimizer optimizes it; and if you need to generate a thumbnail or something else based on this image, it will be quickly generated
  • After generation (takes milliseconds), the image goes straight to the CDN cache of the region and is further served back to all users lightning quick

So, you can remove all thumbnails on your server after installing our CDN solution because it is unnecessary. Also, because we took the generation procedure on our cloud – your server will work faster because it will don’t take CPU time and resources to generate images and thumbnails on the server for new images and products.

Overall, the solution helps optimize the page size to half its pre-optimization size. Read more about the case of installed CDN here: How we created Image Optimizer with CDN features based on performance audits, or ask me here :wink: