Images storing mechanism

I am using the Simtech XML and CSV add-on for CS-Cart. It maps the images in two fields, “Detailed images” and “Additional Images”. My CS-Cart version is 4.13.

I want to know how CS-cart stores the images. Upon inspection, I realized that it stores the images in the “images/detailed” directory. While importing these images, if the images already exist, will it upload them again?

Also, there is a folder “exim/backup/images” which seems to contain the backup of images. While importing the images, will it store them in this folder as well? I am just beginning to get into the nooks of CS-Cart.

If the name of the image is used, the system will create duplicated with another name (suffix fill be added to the file name)

The files for import/export are located here


where 1 - storefront ID

After import you can delete this folder

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Why should I delete the files after they’re imported? Wouldn’t you need that for retrieval? In the var/files/1/exim/backup/images folder.

Also, if the files are stored here what about the detailed folder in images/detailed directory?

I apologize for the noob questions, but I don’t have any resource for this.

The /var/files/1/exim/backup/images/ folder is basically used for temporary storage (i.e. backup, import). The detailed and thumbnail folders are the main storage used for the system.

For example, if you want to import products via a csv file, you would place the images in /var/files/1/exim/backup/images/. When you run the import, the images are retrieved from that folder and distributed to the detailed and thumbnail folders. After the import, you can delete the images in /var/files/1/exim/backup/images/