Images Show NILL in Admin panel, but show in online store

When I add a product image in the admin panel it shows until I save it, then the image in the admin panel says “NILL” and the image disappears. When I look at the live online store, the images are there.
Any idea why they aren’t displaying in the admin panel?
I’m on my own CPanel Linux server and have never had this issue before.
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What php version do you have? What format do you attach images in?

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doesn’t matter if it’s .png or .jpg. PHP is: 8.0.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

It can be permissions issue - the system cannot generate thumbnail from the detailed image. Please check it at first

As @ecomlabs has already mentioned, most probably this is the permissions issue. Please check them first.

So then how can it generate the image on the actual live site, including the small multi image thumbnails? I haven’t changed any permissions but I’ll look.
'thanks for your suggestion.

All Fixed. Looks like it was a bad database upload. thanks for everyone who replied.

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