images on checkout

I want to add a paypal image :rolleyes:

while on a checkout. before the paypal option. Please check the attachment.


nobody here who help me on this topic. :frowning:

[quote name=‘miracles’]nobody here who help me on this topic. :([/quote]

You can’t honestly expect replies within the hour can you?:confused:

so can u tell me. :wink:

Because the “payment choice” tpl uses a (for each) variable, you can’t easily add a logo strictly above any ONE choice for payment. You can add the logo above Line 1 without too much hassle.

Hope that helps…

Thanks now i have done it.

Find this section on /YOUR_SKIN/customer/cart_pages/checkout.tpl

(around line 160)

name and upload the image to your images directory

add the table in red

```php {include file=“common_templates/mainbox.tpl” title=$lang.checkout content=$smarty.capture.mainbox}

{* /Cart content table*}

{if $cart_products && !$cart.no_coupons}

{include file=“cart_pages/discount_coupon.tpl”}


{include file=“cart_pages/shipping_rates.tpl”}

{if ($shipping_rates || $cart.shipping_required != ‘Y’ || $settings.Shippings.disable_shipping == ‘Y’) && $settings.General.min_order_amount <= $}

{if $|floatval}

{* Payment methods form *}

{capture name=“mainbox”}



{foreach from=$payment_methods item="pm" name="pay"}


{$pm.payment} {$pm.description}



the line you have given me is not there on version 1.3.5 SP4 any idea where to be edit ?

i don’t have 1.3.5sp4 running but it looks like it would go in

payment_methods.tpl somewhere in here (just guessing)

{if $|floatval}

{if !$no_mainbox}
{include file="common_templates/subheader.tpl" title=$lang.select_payment_method anchor="payment_methods"}

{foreach from=$payment_methods item="pm" name="pay"}





Nope not working. Any other help ?