Images not transferred during Import/Export


I imported products from CS-cart 1.3.5 into 2.1.1 but I don’t see any of the images. I specified the directory correctly as /home/XXXX/www/www/images/backup where XXXX stands for my site. Is there anything that I am doing wrong ?


Is each image in /backup/ or is there another folder: /backup/another_folder/your_image.jpg

[quote name=‘The Tool’]Is each image in /backup/ or is there another folder: /backup/another_folder/your_image.jpg[/QUOTE]

Images are in /home/XXXX/www/www/images/product_images but I see a copy of all the images even in /home/XXXX/www/www/images/backup which has 2 folders product_images and detailed_images. I assume cs-cart picks up all the required files automatically from each of these folders.

I would like to add that I am exporting from one server and importing into another server.:frowning:

You have to specify the folder: /images/backup/detailed_images/