Images not showing in bottom HTML


I have added some HTML in a block at the bottom, which is shown in all pages. I have noticed that the image within the HTML is shown on the home page but it is not shown on a product page. It shown red cross

Should all images be in the same location? At the moment the image in question is in root.


This has happened since upgrading to the latest version.

I can see the image path used in the HTML on the home page is not being maintained across the site.

i.e. the path used in the home page HTML is /image.png, when I look at it on a product page it is /, so its now looking in the wrong place

I have the same problem.

I have payment method block at the bottom of each page. The block has a graphic of the payment methods (credit card icons) and text. It shows at the bottom of every page except for the Product Detail Page. Instead of the graphic, it just says: “payment methods”. The text is still visible.


Please This is emergency situation. After updating to new version any images that I used in my websites that has src=“images/anyimage.jpg” are not showing anymore and everything has to change to src=“/images/anyimage.jpg”

This crash my site. Please I need help…

Albert, try disabling the SEO addon if you are using it to see if that will make your store functional again for now.

You may also need to clear your cache as well

I’m not sure if this will work but I do see that a pagination path seems to be added to some images causing them to break so it may be related to SEO

You were correct, after I disabled the SEO all the images were showing. But is this going to effect my addvertising, because I am using the Adwords.

Should I close my store or stop the google adwords?

I don’t know if it will effect adwords but it won’t be good for page ranking.

You should add to your bug report that this is being caused by the new SEO functions so maybe they will provide a fix quickly for you.

I report the Bug.


Thank you for your quick respond.