images gone

hi everyone

i have a problem with test website. it was first in a folder named shop, then it was moved to root folder. i wanted to change setting for images storage from database to file storage and after that all the images on website were gone. even after i restored the setting to database storage, images were still gone. do i need to change something in some of the php files or something like that?

also i have a problem with module ‘recently shown’ on homepage. thumbnails are not showing, even for the products i reuploaded pictures for.

i have one more problem, when you click on the thumbnail on product page instead of showing a larger image it opens a new window that goes to homepage.

it seems to me that something is wrong in mysql database, but i’m not an expert so i wouldn’t know where to look

if anyone could give me some pointers that would be great

Have you tried emptying the template cache?

yes i did it didn’t help, all the images are still not showing

also i just tried opening website in firefox and show larger image works, it doesn’t go to homepage, but the problem is still persistant in internet explorer.

it sounds like the large images are there, but the thumbnails weren’t re-transferred from the db to the file system? (or weren’t re-generated)

yes that could be the case

how could i regenerate the thumbnails?