Images Export, Some Improvement Suggestions

Hello CSC,

It would be a great time-saver if you could improve the export of product images.

(Menu path: Adminstration/Export Data/Products/Images)


The field ‘Detailed image’ contains several types of information separated by different delimiters.

  1. Making it difficult to separate them into distinct fields for import into other systems
  2. From a data-management perspective, this is a no-no anyways. 1 field = maximum 1 piece of information

    Example: see enclosed
  3. It’s an example with 4 languages
  4. There’s no delimiter between folder path and actual name of image
  5. The delimiter between image name and first language title is an ‘#’
  6. The delimiter between languages X and Y is an ‘;’
  7. The whole field ends with an ‘}’

    Suggestion: separate this Export field into several export fields

    Field 1 = Image folder path

    Field 2 = Image name

    Field 3 = Language X (‘DE’ in my example)

    Field 4 = Language X description (‘Polizei’ in my example)

    Field 5 = Language Y

    Field 6 = Language Y description


    [edit] plus please add ‘Product ID’ as an additional field. It’s a better unique identifier than ‘Product Code’.

    Note: a similar problem exists when exporting other Product-related Data. For example, exporting the fields ‘Features’ and ‘Options’ in Products are good examples where a similar problem exists as described above

    Image export example.jpg

Agreed! Both import & export functions could use some improvements.

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[edit] plus please add 'Product ID' as an additional field. It's a better unique identifier than 'Product Code'.


And if you want to use 'Product Code' as a unique identifier, then you should make it both required and validated as unique when you enter products. It's currently not even a required field.