Images Directories Locations On The Server

I am using CS Cart Ultimate for several stores. For cloned theme, I am confused with 2 roots of images directories on the server. The roots are as follows:

First one: public_html/design/themes/[your_theme_ name]/media/images

Second one: public_html/images ... In this root, there are several directories such as "companies" directory which contains images directories for each store.

1- What is the purpose for each root? Which one should be used? What are the relationships between 2 roots?

2- Can we use one of the roots and delete other one?

First directory contains theme images (like icons,backgrounds,etc)

Second one contains object images which do not depend on the selected theme (product, blog images, etc)

So both directories should be used

Your answer is so clear. I can understand the purpose now.

Thanks a lot.