Image Url At Order Confirmation In An Javascript


We are getting reviews from Trustpilot true an javascript code at out order conformation page.
This works fine.

They have also the abaility to get product review, so I must extend the code.
The code looks like this.
The only thing what at this moment must be fill is the image url of the products.

I search Google at this forum but I can't find how?
Can someone help me?




(!) Not tested

unfortunately, it's blank then

imageUrl: '',

Where do you locate this code?

I have tried this as an HTML Block with Smarty, on the oder landing page.

And also As an hook, in design/themes/energot/templates/addons/my_changes/hooks/checkout/

In this case additional code is required to retrieve image data from database

{$product.main_pair = $product.product_id|fn_get_image_pairs:'product':'M':true:true}

Thanks a lot!
It works

You are welcome!