Image Upload Issues With Exif Data?

CS-Cart MVE 4.03

Uploading product images fails for specific images.

File names are normal, format (jpg) is normal, file size is within limits.

When we test upload the originals - they always fail with the "Image could not be uploaded" error.

If we take the same image and resave, via Photoshop, the image the uploads normally.

Only thing I can see different in the file structure of the two files is that the original has a fair bit of EXIF data from the pro camera it was shot on.

Does CS-Cart choke on this kind of data in the file?

Okay, have narrowed this problem down a bit…

It's file size - sort of.

- PHP.ini is set to 2M

- Local image uploads are unexpectedly constrained at 1MB

- URL image uploads however are constrained to the expected 2MB

I'm stumped! Anyone?

(CS-Cart MVE 4.03)