Image sizes

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When I have an image in photoshop (limited knowledge at best) I resize all of my images to width 600 pixels and it auto constrains the height to make it even. Then I load the image to the appropriate product page. My question is, is that too big because it takes 10 or so seconds to load my home page and almost that long to load other pages. Also it takes 10 seconds for the popup image (Click for larger) like it is reloading the entire page while doing so. Are my images too big and is ther a way to make the pages load faster? Thank you so much!

Yes, that is much to large. In photoshop you can reduce the image quality quite a bit for online monitor use.

Your top three images on your home page are over 300K by them selves. The rule of thumb is keep the entire page (text and all graphics) to under 100K.

Could you direct me on where to learn about this? How many pixels should product page images be stuff like that. Like how do I make an image less than 20K but keep it large enough to cover a certain area? I can learn this is photoshop? Thank you. It is confusing for me now but I truly want to learn.

I make sure the entire page lays out correctly on a monitor set to 1024x768 (without horizontal scrolling).

But It is not only the pixel size, it is more the file size you should be concerned about.

Look at [url][/url]

Only few times in my life have I been able to say… “That is exactly what I need!” I was wondering how to diminish the file size all the while keeping the image large. The key is optimization, brilliant. Who knows how it works? (It just takes small things out of the picture that you can barely notice?) and you can use that quality slider to increase image quality but it also makes the file size larger. Amazing, thank you so much, that is what I needed! I dont think I will go back and redo thousands of images but I will make that change in the future, I finally understand and thank you again so very much. T

When saving the image in Photoshop goto File → Save for Web and Devices…

It will show you the final file size in the bottom corner, you can then increase/reduce the jpg compression till you get a good balance of image quality and file size.