Image sizes

Thanks gurus. You folks have been very helpful. I"m onto the new challenge.

I would like the images on my product pages to bigger. I think that’s a thumbnail and it looks like I only have one size available. Even if I upload my own bigger image it seems to resize automatically. Is there a way to make the auto-thumb feature generate a bigger image or to make the product page show bigger?

If you want a bigger image in product detail page, follow this examples:

  1. Go to thumbnail settings and leave empty “Product details page thumbnail width” and “Product details page thumbnail height”. cs-cart will use your thumbnail uploaded image for this page, and whatever size you upload, that size will be. In this example you could upload a 400 x 400px image.

    but you have a problem. Cs-cart will use the same image for product listing. So go to step 2:

  2. Set the size for the product listing image in "Products list (category, search, etc) thumbnail width " and "Products list (category, search, etc) thumbnail height " Cs-cart will generate the thumbnails following your settings. In this example could be 100px.

    Other way is to upload only a detailed image and cs-cart will generate the thumbnails in both, the product detail page and product listing, from this image:

  3. Go to thumbnail setting and set “Product details page thumbnail width”/“Product details page thumbnail height” to the size you want (i.e. 400px)

  4. Set "Products list (category, search, etc) thumbnail width " and "Products list (category, search, etc) thumbnail height " to the size you want (i.e. 100px)

  5. Upload your detailed image in the product page menu. This image must be 400px or higher.

Thanks. perfect. On to the next channenge.

You can change the size of the images shown by going to admin, settings, thumbnails, and the by adjusting the heights and widths of the images you need… just note, with a larger image file, the slower the page will load… I recommend putting the quality on 60 or 70 and changing it to jpeg format to make the page load faster. Good luck.