Image Seo Problem

Hi Everyone,

I am facing problem of Images SEO.

My images are not appearing in Google, i have dignosed and found that there are no links associated with images like this link.

If you open any image and maximize it to full screen and try to open its link , it gives this link

I have installed this module few months before with these setting (image attached) but its not working for me.

Can anyone guide me how to solve this issue.

It looks like it has something to do with the gallery? Products with a single image appears to be working fine.

Also ecom's addon appears to be working fine unless you have manually entered the alt text.

Thank you for your answer.

My images are not appearing in google, and I have tested your point.

And yes i have manually entered some alt text but not for all products. But it does not effect on my problem.

I have tried to remove the ALT TEXT but it does not solve my problem.

Here is example of other product.

In this link i have not used alter text on any image while editing this product.

Even that its giving me image link.

try comprssing the images and do the the image format
don't use high desfnition images that can cause problems in loading the image
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you can make a proper alt tag for image. i do this mathod and mu image are display in google search. here you can see

Compress every image before uploading and do proper alt tags and description. Experts says that make things easy for google and google will make things easy for you.