Image problem

When I add an image to the right hand image box under product images I get no image just the image title shows in the image space. If i move to store at this point and click on view larger image i get the same.

Any Ideas please

Since you’ve added a large (popup) image and have thumbnail autocreation disabled then the “thumbnail” isn’t created hence your apparent issue.

Since I can’t see the error I’m also suspecting you havn’t provided full permissions on the /images/ directory on your server, making the files unavailable to customers / frontend

If I upload the file I have entered manually to detailed then it works would this be happening if your comments were correct before I go changing stuff ?

I am entering thumbnail seperately and it works its just the enlargement that is showing up blank with just the name (2 diff files 2 seperate boxes, thumbnail works)

Well I have now tried everything but no images ??