Image Problem Red Dot in Window in admin

I have a red dot in my image window in Admin, it gives me a permissions error if clicked on, but don’t have a clue why its doing this? This is on Firefox and Safari.

I have even tried to upload a categorie icon and that is not showing up either?

Can someone explain how I sort this out?

I just want to upload a picture, but on uploading the image, save changes, the image doesn’t appear and I’m left with a red dot in the left hand corner of the image window (Firefox) or Question Mark (Safari)

Thanks in advance


This red dot show up in Firefox when it cannot find or access the image, I would check the permissions on the folder that the images are being uploaded to.

Somehow got the image to appear, now, if I click on the View Larger Image on the shopfront the Pop Up gives me a permission error?

Confused again!

Plus now I can’t delete the image at all, it doesn’t seem to want to disappear when I Save Changes?