Image Not Available

How do I get rid of the “Image Not Available” image that is displayed if I don’t upload a product or category image?

Note: I did a search through the manual and couldn’t find anything about this subject. However, given that CS-C is still young, I can’t help but wonder if it would be beneficial to go ahead and post these types of questions here so everyone can learn. There’s a lot of newcomers like me who would learn just by reading the forums.



Do you not want images for any products or categories? or, do you just want some products and/or categories to have images?

If it’s the first I guess you could just remove the image references from the templates.

If it’s the seconds I’m not really sure, you could probably find the code that puts the default image in and remove it but what would leave you with a broken image instead!

Hopefully someone with a bit more experience will be able to help you!


Actually, I want to add text and images in the product description boxes. This lets me add my own ‘style’ to a description without having to fiddle with templates or PHP code. But if I choose to not use the default method I get that silly image. The easiest way to overcome this issue is to replace the original image with a one pixel white image, but I don’t know where to find the image. I think I messed up by storing the images in the database rather than to file. I might be better off by correcting that issue while there is relatively few items in the cart.


yes, I guess using a spacer image would be a good idea. I’ve attached a 1x1 transparent spacer to this post, it might help you if you can’t find one.

I don’t know if there are any benefits of storing the images in the database by I prefer to have mine as files on the system, basically because I’m familiar with this method!



Didn’t realise it posted the images as images instead of links! You might be able to find it!

Another idea… What happens if you set the thumbnail width to “0” in the settings?