Image In Invoice To Big

Can somebody tell me where I need to change the size of the logo on the invoice, it is way to big now, see attachment.



  1. Best way is to resize the image with a photo editor like photoshop or picture manager in your office and set to a 300pixels for starting and call this invoiceLogo or somthing you like give.

    After that is done you can use in the theme the visual editor and upload the 300pix logo to invoice logo.

    Refresh the page with ctrl+r and F5 and download the invoice again, see now if the logo is correct, if not, play with the size till its fit.

    2)You can also edit the invoice.tpl and the print_invoice.tpl file

    Location: design/themes/YOURTHEME/mail/templates/orders



and change to
The 100% makes the logo fit the document and with leaving the height empty its automatic fits the height without losing or transforming the image.

If you want to remove the caps like TELEFOON to Telefoon
Remove the code
```php uppercase; ```

When you upgrade the platform you will lose these settings, backup the edited file.

Hope this helped you further.

Dank je Anaconda,

The logo is good now.