Image import to 2.0.15

I have exported all data-users ect and imported to newest version 2.0.15 and the only thing that will not go are the images, is there a better way to upload or do we have to re do each one

No, you do not have to redo each one. The images should import fine.

Are you upgrading or moving files into the database or uploading a CSV spreadsheet with image file references?

I started a completely new site with new domain name then did a clean install then imported users,products which worked great after testing then when everything is up I will transfer to old domain and change config and database but can I upload all files in a sub directory get the settings to current domain and database and then put a _ after each old file and move new files to root then upload images

also I exported from 1.3.5 sp4 the images via CSV

It would be easier doing it via the CSC upgrade. You will be missing some data that isn’t possible to export/import. I just did another one of mine Sunday.

What is CSC

[quote name=‘flasher’]What is CSC[/QUOTE]

CSC stands for cs-cart…

It is hard to upgrade from 1.3.5 to 2.0.15 or how do you do I have tried but no luck, also I tried it and then looked at upgrade area on new version and said liceince not correct to upgrade after the upgrade but how to correctly upgrade from 1.3.5 sp4 to 2.0.15

If you can spare the money, PM me.

OK check box