Image Import Doesnt Work


I cannot get the Image Import to work.

I have even exported the images out of databse into a csv to get correct fileds and content and then merged in all of the image file names into the "Detailed image column, but even when this gets imported back in no images are imported

I do get message that import is successful and that 1801 objects are updated.

Can anyone help or tell me where the “Detailed image” field is held within the database to allow me to manually import?

You should have a Backup folder in your Images folder. Upload your images into the Images/Backup folder. You can then import your csv file but make sure the path is correct in your images column, pointing to the backup folder. CS-Cart will then take the main image and put it in the Images/Detailed folder and create a thumbnail and put it in the Images/Thumbnails folder. You can then safely delete the images you have put in the Images/Backup folder.

If you have your cart set up to automatically create thumbnails, make sure you have the thumbnails column in the csv file but leave it blank.

The path I use in my csv file is as follows:


This path will be set out on your import page and can be changed.

Note that you can also name your new images by separating the file with a “#” and putting the name after it.

Hope this helps.