Image for add to cart button

I am testing to 2.1.4 version and the older versions code for button does not work, how can we make add to cart image work for newer versions with hook.

{* $Id: add_to_cart.tpl 10641 2010-09-14 15:08:17Z andyye $ *}

{hook name=“products:add_to_cart”}

{assign var=“c_url” value=$config.current_url|escape:url}

{if $settings.General.allow_anonymous_shopping == “Y” || $auth.user_id}

{include file=“buttons/button.tpl” but_id=$but_id but_text=$but_text|default:$lang.add_to_cart but_name=$but_name but_onclick=$but_onclick but_href=$but_href but_target=$but_target but_role=$but_role|default:“text”}



{if $controller == “auth” && $mode == “login_form”}

{assign var=“login_url” value=$config.current_url}


{assign var=“login_url” value=“auth.login_form?return_url=$c_url”}


{include file=“buttons/button.tpl” but_id=$but_id but_text=$lang.sign_in_to_buy but_href=$login_url but_role=$but_role|default:“text” but_name=“”}



Is there any information on this?