Image Delimiter In Product Bulk Upload Won't Work


I'm following the steps in this guide:

When trying to congregate the images using the delimiter, it does not work and I keep getting an error saying that the images could not be included. But when I add each image in a separate column and map the columns they are correctly uploaded.

When I go to the File section of the CSV file to change the 'Images delimiter' (I am changing it to semicolun) the minute I click save it changes to 'XML node delimiter:' I'm not sure if this is the problem or now but I am following the above tutorial.

One thing I noticed is that in the video he says we should map the images to "Advanced Import: Images" however I do not have that option, I can only map into "Images" without Advanced Import!

The file I am using is CSV, the images are in the first images cell and look like this: Kettleman-test-1.jpg;Kettleman-test-2.jpg;Kettleman-test-3.jpg

Am I doing anything wrong?

Before I save the new delimiter:

After I save: