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I want to know how i can add an attribute to the icon_close.gif as i'm getting an empty alt text error. I have located the gif in the images folder, however i'm finding it difficult to actually locate it in any files. I've looked at the inspect elements in Google but still can't locate it. I wish cs cart had like a search button which you could type it in and it will locate where it's located.



Hi Dion,

Please share the link to you website where alt attribute is missing and I will guide you to solve this issue



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Hi and thanks for replying.

My url is I am not sure what you mean in your second part of your question? I used an online validation checker and it said that the icon_close.gif was missing was missing an alt text. I had 14 other images with the same problem but i end up fixing those except for this one.


The image is this

Please modify:

```<br />
You will find ```php
<img src="{$images_dir}/icons/icon_close.gif" width="13" height="13" border="0" alt="" class="close-icon no-margin cm-popup-switch" />
```<br />
This file is used also for some dropdown in the website so my suggestion is to add<br />
alt=" icon close {$selected_id}"
```<br />
<br />
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You’re fantastic. Cheers brother :grin:

You are welcome ;) Cheers