I'm testing cs-cart V3 multivendor to buy it, but i have some problem

Hello I am new to the forums cs-cart. Greetings.

I have a problem with the installation of different templates to the default one.

I installed everything correctly the first time and the new template (X), different from the default install properly.

After some style changes in X template (I do not know what was) the skin that was charged automatically was the “basic Skin”.

After that, I have been unable to refresh a template or a new skin. The installed, the Select and always I get the style of the “Basic Skin”.

I tried to delete the entire contents of the server and also the database, reinstall everything and the problem continues. He always sees the default skin Any ideas?.

Does not work with any new skin that i try

Hello, IMP!

Do you try CS-Cart version 3.0.1 or 2.2.4?