I'm Not Impressed - Cs-Cart Support And Multi-Vendor - Not A Premium Option

I recent bought a Multi-vendor life-time licence and after I faced my first problem with vendors not being able to edit their profile , here is what I want to say to CS-Cart

1. Support

If you charge a premium fee and want to be seen as primimum or high-end provider you need to act like one.

CS-Cart is neither cheap nor free. I’ve been reading the forums and searching for a solution to my problem, but I haven’t found anything useful.

I’ve also noticed that whenever someone complains about the support CS-Cart representatives come in ,very politely I must say, try to explain how their support works.

I KNOW how your support works. I’m questioning it!

I’ve never had this sort of experience with a high-end provider. We call Microsoft and they are fantastic - CS-Cart behaves as if “We don’t need your business any more - we’re big enough…”

I opened a ticket and it’s been more than a day with no response. The times of 72 hours for response is gone!

1. Multi-vendor - Vendors need to contact Root admin to chagne their password!

I was under the impression that this software was mature enough to suffer from any basic usability or mode of operation issue and considering the price, you’d expect a much better approach.

Try any comparable market place software and look at it from the users point of view. Is it really a good idea to ask the root admin to issue you a password every time you lose your password or want to change it.

I’d expect a nice two-factor authentication like Google’s SMS with password strengh meter or an option for root admins to disable this feature.

This does not offer any security. In fact it’s very bad security. As a vendor I want to set my own password and don’t want the root admin to send that to me by email or any other means.

Besides, why the “Edit profie” is still clickable only to take you to a page where all the fields are disabled.

I’m already thinking about going for the 30-day refund option. I can’t imagine being here typing long stories to get support for more critical issues.

I hope I’ll get a GOOD response with a practical solution rather than a mere “Thank you…Sorry… but our support…”

Thansk for listening.

I'm starting to think CSCart is just one lonely Russian sitting in his basement doing this part time. Honestly, they need to mature fast or get out of this business.

[quote name='Kayokoko Swimwear' timestamp='1418215277' post='199335']

I'm starting to think CSCart is just one lonely Russian sitting in his basement doing this part time. Honestly, they need to mature fast or get out of this business.


I don't think so, but I can't help thinking that may be they're cooking a big surprise for us soon. I saw the same pattern with InterSpire when they first stopped investing in support and then they suddently discontinued their product range in favour of their hosted solution BigCommerce.

The problem here is that I'm not asking for any hand holding or silly howto's. Try to reset your password as a vendor and you'll see how badly the software deals with you. It first logs you in and prompts you to chnage your password where the fields are disabled!

I'm losing my confidence and trust in CS-Cart already…

My ticket was responded to a few minutes ago with a fix that worked!

Thank you CS-Cart support (Ekaterina).

I hope to see more consistent experience and from other users too.

consider yourself lucky you even got a response.